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Regulatory Environment: What Board Directors Need to Know about Blockchain

February 2023 - Board members, selected for their professional acumen and expertise, are responsible for informed oversight of their companies. This is their fiduciary duty. However, few are knowledgeable or experienced in assessing new, relevant technologies. Blockchain, a part of Web 3.0, is the latest digital technology on the doorstep of corporations worldwide. Directors’ abilities to oversee company strategy, risk, and capital allocation are critical in this rapidly changing landscape. 

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Smart Contracts: A Primer for General Counsel

September 2022 - In this whitepaper series, we have been examining Blockchain, including its significance as part of the “4th Industrial Revolution” and considerations for corporate boards and general counsel. Here, we turn our attention to Smart Contracts, which do not actually require Blockchains for implementation. That said, the looming power of combining blockchain with smart legal contracts and cryptocurrency payments in business processes and relationships compels us to address digital contracting to provide suggestions and considerations to examine for corporate legal teams.

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Blockchain and Mitigating Corporate Risk

April 2022 - New technology is constantly being introduced into the legal environment. One of these, Blockchain, is a burgeoning technology with which general counsel and legal departments should become familiar. With the adoption of blockchain for some business functions such as supply chain management and payment services, legal departments will need to understand blockchain, including the rules and regulations around what types of transactions can be completed, as well as the types of data that should or should not be included on the blockchain. This white paper highlights questions legal departments may have when contemplating using blockchain and provide some suggested guidelines around how to address those questions.

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